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The babies have run away!

Help the Totems find their children in this light bending, colour blending puzzle game. Featuring a unique style of puzzle that has not seen the light of day. Available on iOS and is coming soon to Android, Windows phones and PC.

Coming Soon!

Pets are disappearing from all over the neighbourhood. Who or what is behind this heinous crime? Can you rescue the pets? An all new type of action puzzle game coming soon to iPhone, iPad and iPod.

In Development!

Run your own magical emporium! Gather ingredients, customise and improve your shop, explore the world and mix potions to meet your customers strange requests, in this engrossing combination of action puzzle game and magical business simulation. Currently in Development for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

In Pre-Production!

Stay tuned for more information on our currently in development quickfire strategy game with a whole new twist. Currently in Pre-Production for PC, Android and iOS devices.